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After watching and remembering when the very first Animator Vs Animation was released, this put me in such a nostalgic feeling. This was your grande piece, sir. The ending was fulfilling and just fracking brilliant. BRAVO!

Btw - I logged in specifically to review this as I haven't logged in Newgrounds in a few years.

That bear was CUTE!

A 10 for the cuteness. Also everything was amazing (drawings, animation, sound, etc)

This was supposed to be funny?

Animation: Great job, not perfect, but great skills.

Art: Great, I like your style. It complimented your animation.

Sound: Good, great score. You're voice acting was decent to below average, nonetheless it was coherent.

General: I understand how your intentions were to make this a comedy. Personally I didn't laugh once. Your humor is extremely dry. None of it was par to your situations that you put your characters through. It was just lame. That is why I rated you a 4.

Maybe I'll check out your other flashes, because you have talent, but you wasted it on this. Apply yourself to your genre more. If you're not LAUGHING YOUR ASS OFF at your comedy than who will?

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I have not written a review in years......


JunkYardAnimations responds:

I appreciate, respect and love your cock for this long awaited NG review!!

Cool, but

I did pretty well by getting all but 3 - but I agree with multiple choice here. I agree with you however that these pieces are relatively well known, however most people only recognize the tune and nothing about it (I.E. the composer or piece......especially the century)

Your choices were fantastic. Just great. Maybe do another one. You could do it on the sub genre of classical of movie scores or something. Cool man.

Needs more Anvil of Crom

Pretty awesome. What a step up from the previous.

Graphics - Fitting art style, although it could be better.

Style - Man so many fresh ways to slice up an orc. Kicking, fast hacking, power hack, throwing, throwing a barrel, an explosive barrel, special kill moves. Too sweet. I love the kill animations as well. Getting awesome pleasure from doing a few quick slices then watching the orc stagger bag and fall off a cliff. Very nice.

Sound - Sound FX are top man. What is bogging this down though is there is no score. Where is the Basil Poledouris or fuck it put in some Hans Zimmer, Howard Shore or fucking James Horner. Something man. Anvil of Crom would go well. It's loopable.

Overall - very fun. Favoring this. But add music.

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I like this. Reminds me of aspects of John Williams Harry Potter Score-1-3 and a bit Prokofiev.

Came here from the song HNNNNNNGH! This is great sir!

Reminds me of James Horner a bit.

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OoooOOOo Gregory.....Gregory.

Oh! Peanut butter and Jelly sandwhiches you guys.

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