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Animator vs. Animation IV Animator vs. Animation IV

Rated 5 / 5 stars

After watching and remembering when the very first Animator Vs Animation was released, this put me in such a nostalgic feeling. This was your grande piece, sir. The ending was fulfilling and just fracking brilliant. BRAVO!

Btw - I logged in specifically to review this as I haven't logged in Newgrounds in a few years.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I loved this so much I received Gonorrhea.

Deserving of front page

Cool drawings - They fit with the humor. Voices were funny. Basically I watched it more than once and I lol'd.

Skyrim : Bear Skyrim : Bear

Rated 5 / 5 stars

That bear was CUTE!

A 10 for the cuteness. Also everything was amazing (drawings, animation, sound, etc)

Lulz Of War Lulz Of War

Rated 2 / 5 stars

This was supposed to be funny?

Animation: Great job, not perfect, but great skills.

Art: Great, I like your style. It complimented your animation.

Sound: Good, great score. You're voice acting was decent to below average, nonetheless it was coherent.

General: I understand how your intentions were to make this a comedy. Personally I didn't laugh once. Your humor is extremely dry. None of it was par to your situations that you put your characters through. It was just lame. That is why I rated you a 4.

Maybe I'll check out your other flashes, because you have talent, but you wasted it on this. Apply yourself to your genre more. If you're not LAUGHING YOUR ASS OFF at your comedy than who will?

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Benjamin Vs Nemesis Benjamin Vs Nemesis

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Concept: Stick flashes get a bad wrap. I appreciate in your comments that you confront that if people don't like them, they should leave. Stick figures themselves are like a genre here on newgrounds similar to any other genre (horror, comedy). The majority of stick figure fights on here are garbage. Kudos to you sir for making one that had good choreography and entertaining to watch.

Graphics: Good, of course it is a stick figure movie. Your background was good and I like how you did the sun.

Animation: Solid here. Great frame by frame action. I like how you utilized the background into the action and not making it just a dull picture. As I stated, the choreography was great.

Music: Very good choice. I saw that your inspiration was the song and helped you conceive the idea. I know how that is personally, I have some many flash concepts go through my mind when I'm listening to music. Great job on the center piece and the end credits. Good picks.

Overall: 9/10 - Great job by giving the viewer the details about the flash and your reason for doing it at the end credits. Also, it was cool that you completed the movie at the very very end. I was going to rate this lower until I saw the ending. Very cool. Keep up the good work.

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poppetje3D responds:

Dude , Thank you very much!
This is something I wanted to hear from someone!
This comment just motivates me to make even more!!!

The Missing Heart The Missing Heart

Rated 2 / 5 stars

...........Read please.

Art: Your drawings are decent. Your silhouette style is fitting for the theme. It could use much more detail though. Much more.

Animation: Nothing special, but it's not bad. It didn't have to be astonishing, so it worked for your movie. The foot bouncing off the water and the water's reaction was good. I'm assuming you did most of this frame by frame. Keep at it. The more you play with it, the better you will be. Please put a "Preloader" with your flash film. It's convenient for the audience. This way the movie can actually begin and end without playing by itself and constantly loop. It's annoying.

Style: Very good. Your transitions were excellent and flowed excellent with your art style.

Sound: The music was very fitting. Shading itself perfectly with your animation and your voice. Your voice was ok. Your intonations were mostly on par. Your mic quality was shoddy. I hope you can invest in a new microphone because your voice sounds nice. You should take advantage of it.

Overall - It's nothing special, but to be fair, it's nothing special to me. I bet it's special to you, since the film seems to have some sort of sentiment and reflection. As an audience though, it just a bit of bewilderment that has a negative affect. It feels too personal, which can be good, but in this case isn't. The end of the film was very abrupt. I hope you post more on NG. You have talent.

Note: I read your comment about people on this site being immature and rude. Yes, you are correct, but you're mostly going to find that everywhere. Newgrounds doesn't exactly promote itself as being a site for maturity. A giant portion of the NG staff are suckers for "cock jokes" (no pun intended) and so am I. Even so, creativity in all aspects whether it be cock jokes, personal reflection, or weird/strange exist here. Also, consider that you're a girl on a website that is populated by 90% males and most of them are teenagers. My suggestion is to post your work here regardless of unnecessary negative feedback.


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Deer50 responds:

thanks for not being rude :)

Left4lol:Survive This Left4lol:Survive This

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Art - I love it, cute and done well

Sound - Great, the musical must have been hard to pull off. Great job though.

Comedy - I laughed a bit. The opening with Frances wiping his ass with the smoker's tongue was funny. The chicken A.I. at the gas station was funnier. That was about it for laughs. The musical was entertaining, because it was sort of cute. That's it.

I should really just say "fuck you" though. You're moving on to youtube? Newgrounds is the home to innovative, talented, respected artists.

Youtube is the home for low attention spanned reality tv watching idiots. Submit your toons here and youtube. Artists do it all the time. Don't favor one out.

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Gladiator's Redemption Gladiator's Redemption

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


If the animation wasn't so good, I'd given you a 4.

Graphics - Very fine, even for a stick movie. Beautiful effect when he was pushed to the gate and the light was pouring through it. It was great. The effects were marvelous

Animation - Damn good. Everything about it. Only quirk was when the 3 guys teleported down to fight the hero and I really didn't catch them dying.

Story - Not bad. You drew us a picture of what was going on. You didn't have to do that, but you did and it worked. It was basically the set up to an action sequence which you pulled off. Great work.

Sound - Opening song was a great choice. It went well with the blood soaked text. After that the music was complete garbage. I'm not being shallow in terms of musical taste here, it didn't fit. The songs used during the course of your animation up to the end credits were shit and didn't work. It took me out of your movies reality and back to mine. Go for something with a movie quality next time. Movie scores obviously work best. Hans Zimmer, Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner are great composers for this sort of animation.

The end credits song didn't fit either. It was nice, but didn't fit your tone if your setting your movie up with hard metal.

Also wtf - You just had text instead of voice acting at first, then you switched to text and shitty voice acting, then just shitty voice acting. It was fucking terrible. Be consistent. You should have stuck with text and kept the dialogue to a minimum because for one, the dialogue was pointless anyways and two you didn't need it, because you were just showing off your skill as an animator, not story teller.

Presentation - Ok, I guess. I really like the start. You have a great tone set up, we know we're about to see some ass kicked and you deliver. You have some faults, but I wanna see some more work from you. You know how to draw and animate, not just well either. You're actually good.


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Endo-K responds:

Thank you a whole lot for the in-depth review. It's hard to get some decent C&C these days. I've really taken in what you said and i'll be sure to have those ideas in mind for my next animation.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

What Glade20 wrote

I'm giving you a 4. If I could I'd give you a 3 1/2 though.

Great drawings. I'm serious. Your take on Humpty was damn cool! The art that is.

For your take on his emotion. It was ok. Not bad, but nothing really special, too short to really analyze which is................well nothing.

Sound was good. Appropriate. It sounded to me at first that you used the song "Tennessee" by Hans Zimmer from the movie Pearl Harbor or a Michael Giachinno song from his score to lost. It was very good nontheless.

I'm giving you a 5/10 though just because your misinterpreting your own movie by calling it "twisted" It's not, nor any where near twisted guy. David Firth creator of "Salad Fingers" and "Milkman" is twisted, Stamper is twisted, Marc M is twisted, You may or may not be twisted.........but this animation isn't. Do us and yourself a favor editing that out.

Serious is and it could have been great, but instead it was just kinda good. Not bad for a real short........short short short animation.

BlownOutOfProportion:Ep3 BlownOutOfProportion:Ep3

Rated 5 / 5 stars

By far

Some of your grandest material. I didn't expect it to be so long. That's a good thing though.

You achieved the feeling of making this an actual "episode". That is something that only few animators on here can do. FEW. Less than 6. Swain can do it - the college nobody fags can do it. SHit that's all I can name off the top of my noggen and I've been here for awhile.

As for the cartoon itself. I couldn't ask for more Pavel. It touched all my humor buttons. It had a freaks and geeks feel to it that was perfect.

This must have been a lot of hard work dude. Congrats on pulling it off. Not many could.

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JunkYardAnimations responds:

ya man, 2 months to be exact lol... but thats mostly because my fla's kept crashing! haha im glad everyone loves it tho im relieved... too bad it didnt get front paged tho :( i really wanted it to because i put so much time and effort into it, and everyone is telling me its by far my best cartoon so far. anyways thanks for the review and the 10/10 :)