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Posted by Bluemidgetguy - June 23rd, 2011

I won. Third round.


Posted by Bluemidgetguy - September 24th, 2008

If this news post reaches 1,000 posts I'll melt a block of butter with my butt and post update pics hourly of progress.


Can only post 5 posts per account

Posts can't just be one word or spam.


I am dead serious

If this reaches 1,000 Posts I'll

Posted by Bluemidgetguy - May 8th, 2008

The next cartoon I'm working on has lots of cocks, puke, scat, semen, birthing, scat+semen mixed together with vomit and socks.

It will be like the aristocrats but a bit more horrible. Here is a screenshot.


I lied

Posted by Bluemidgetguy - January 30th, 2008

I had to drop "A CrackWhore Montage" You all would have either hated it or loved it. It sucks so much to do this. I just noticed I'm posting this at 9/11 AM lol. LOLOLOL.

Instead I am doing my first cartoon with out a dick or vag or anything nude in it. It's going to be about puppies and kittens skateboarding and juggling. And most of all.........friendship. How gay.


EF U >(

Posted by Bluemidgetguy - December 31st, 2007

Believe me.......I even think it's beginning to get old. I have so many ideas concerning people fapping, milk coming out of breasts on a lions shoulders etc........I need to get them all out of my head.

My cartoon which hopefully will be finished - is going to be jam packed with huge dicks, vag and butt. It's going to be my epic masterpiece with dicks everywhere.

Once I finish it I have some other ideas that are of a serious nature. Sort of. Basically I have a great idea for a sex scene. Really artsy and blah you know? It will be sort of a music video to the song "One of these mornings" by Moby.

Anyways. I do believe this is my first serious post.........on Newgrounds.............Ever.


I'll end with this.

All of my cartoons have cocks in them

Posted by Bluemidgetguy - November 20th, 2007

Here is a pic of my new movie "A CrackWhore Montage" I know you don't care.

Baby dicks covered in duck vomit with luchador sweat

Posted by Bluemidgetguy - July 17th, 2007

First. I should tell the time I found my Mom's strap on dildo when I was 16. Here goes.

I was snooping around her room because she was on some crazy ass 3 week bike race across state. Anyways. I was looking for porn or something because I remember back in the day I found a playboy mag in my Mom's room. More than likely belonging to her boyfriend at the time. Still I was hoping for something sweet.

And I got it.

I looked under her bed and saw a wicker basket. I opened it up and in there I found a peanut can. In the can contained weed. I was like "WTF MY MOM SMOKES WEED" I dont even smoke pot. Then I find some K-Y Lubricant and A STRAP ON DILDO! YES. A STRAP ON DILDO. My Mom isn't a lesbian. Her Husband now has one eye. I wonder if she rams his socket.


I'm almost 22 now. I was staying at my Mom's last night because she is once again off on that same bike race that is 3 weeks. I was just relaxing, it was about 1 in the morning, then suddenly I hear two loud POPS that sound like gunshots and a movement on my porch. I run upstairs to my Mom's room where she keeps a small pistol in one of her dressers. With adrenaline pumping through and I'm seriously about to shoot someone once I get this fucking gun out of her dresser. Then. I find a 10 inch dildo with one of those little things at the end of it that plug your butt as well. The dildo is called a Dolphin for it's resembelance to the animal or mammal whatever.

Worst thing though. There was hair on it. Even on the butt part.